Draw it up, build, fix, and tear it apart...

We love engineering, of all stripes, types and forms. Whether it's reversing, security, hardware, fluid flow, or anything else. If you have a hard problem we'd love to hear it.

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We write a variety of software tools and applications. The major thrusts of interests are within mobile, security, visualization, and analysis. We've written software for DoD, scientific and engineering firms and of course a variety of mobile applications. More information can be found on our page

With a background in Mechanical Engineering we do build prototypes for a variety of devices from time to time. We enjoy hacking hardware, 3-D printing and a variety of industrial designs when we can. You can look at some current work here


SandPlot is moving along, scheduled for release later in 2012, and then moving back into some more mobile applications, preferably some OpenGL ES.

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GoToTheBoard is a consulting firm that was started in 2007, with a few engineers who had worked in DoD, government and mobile applications. We never really thought this would last but... We're still here and actually doing more interesting things now than we were when we started.

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